Mari Mendoza

I am an energy healer, teacher, artist and ceremonialist. Today I receive great joy in creating beauty and balance in my life and the lives of others who are drawn to health and healing. Thirty years ago I had a healing crisis and was very sick, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Through the healing arts my life has been transformed. It has been a long road to get to the level of wellness, joy and clarity I have today.

I was propelled onto this path I call Energy Mastery, through a series of synchronous events. Doors began to open and I was introduced to the healing ways of Native Indigenous cultures. What I learned has changed my life and opened up a whole new universe of possibility in the area of healing. In my quest for energy mastery, I have studied and received initiations from different healing traditions around the world. Through  Shamanic traditions from North and South America, to Sound Healing Mastery level Attunements in Karuna Reiki and Crystal Healing, to the Cosmic Transmissions and Mastery protocols of  Avesa Quantum healing. I have experienced authentic ceremonies that bring profound depths of healing and awareness. Through exploring vibrational healing, I discovered a vast array of tools and methods that enhance vitality, health, peace, intelligence, clarity, empowerment, beauty, focus, strength, wellness, joy and courage and transformation. What the ancients have known the scientific community is now validating. We are in an amazing time of change and expansion. It is the frontier of energy mastery and quantum consciousness.

As an artist I know the importance of beauty, color, light and geometry. On this path, my inner vision opened.  I began to see and experience color, shapes, sounds and vibrations during healing sessions, in ceremonies and on sacred pilgrimages to holy places and temple sites around the world. Sacred art has always been a part of the spiritual traditions. I discovered that during high states of awareness and initiations, images appeared that gave the vibrational signature of what was being transmitted. I sketched these images and forms immediately and have used these as a visual language of the transmissions that are being downloaded. One of my favorite art forms is to create ceremonies with light, sound, color and crystals to amplify the frequency of all who attend. 

I weave together all that I have experienced and create a template of healing that is unique and expansionary. I love to teach and share what I have discovered and provide a space for co-creation